Google jsapi

第一次接触Google JSAPI是因为妹子说JSAPI被墙了, 哈哈哈, 借此机会记录下.

妹子问我: <> 你有这个cdn接口么?

我一脸懵逼的回到: 说实话 <> 你有这个cdn接口么?这句话什么意思

生活就是这样, 处处可以发现惊喜.

Google API loader allows you to easily import one or more APIs, and specify additional settings (such as language, location, API version, etc.) applicable to your needs.

In addition to the basic loader functionality, savvy developers can also use dynamic loading or auto-loading to enhance the performance of your application.

Where do you include the jQuery library from? Google JSAPI? CDN?

这篇文章, 甚至可以说是篇调查问卷, 讲述了我们到底会采用哪种方式来包含jQuery和jQuery UI. 里面也讲述了当jsapi被强了的一种解决方案(妹子试验了, 无用), 哈哈哈, 但这并不影响我理解这些概念.

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